Instantly Fresh Plant-Based Soups

Handcrafted fully-cooked soups using an ancient Incan preservation technique for maximum nutrient retention and instant freshness. Made with organic and non-GMO ingredients; packaged in pouches made from industrial compostable materials. Ready to enjoy in three minutes. Light and easy to transport to enjoy at home, at work, on the road, or in the great outdoors.

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Southern Soul

This soup was inspired by several trips we have made to the Southern United States to visit family and friends or to follow the Blues trail jiving from Juke joint to Juke joint listening to music that soothes the soul. 

Southern Soul features Organic Black Eyed Peas, Organic Green Collards (aka Collard Greens) and Organic Sweet Potatoes.  

Black Eyed Peas (no, not the musicians) originated in West Africa and were brought to the US by enslaved people. They are now used in many parts of the world including the American South. These little beauties are naturally nutrient dense, providing iron, folate, and antioxidants. 

Green Collards (aka Collard Greens) have been eaten for more than 2000 years and hail from Greece. Just like Kale these leafy lovelies have substantial amounts of vitamin K and rich in vitamin A and C. 

Sweet Potatoes are native to Mexico and South America and some communities had domesticated them at least 5000 years ago. The pale orange tubers pack a punch of vitamin A, C, and manganese. 

Fast Fact: It is tradition in southern culture to eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day to bring luck and prosperity for the year ahead.

Spice Route

Spice Route was inspired by our trips to Southeast Asia and traversing with backpacks through the many fresh, fragrant, and colorful markets throughout Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other parts less traveled. We loved buying fresh ingredients where the market vendors greeted us with curiosity and smiles.

The experience felt much less transactional but more transformative as we exchanged our respective cultures.  

This lightly spiced Suppa features Organic Adzuki Beans, Organic Shitake Mushrooms and Organic Lemongrass. 

Adzuki Beans are native to Japan, Korea, China, Nepal, and Bhutan. It is not known where it was first domesticated but it likely happened 3000 years ago. They are rich in nutrients including protein and fiber. They are also used in sweet dishes including red bean paste. 

Shitake Mushrooms were first cultivated during the Song Dynasty in China around 1209. They are a good source of amino acids and copper and bring this soup its umami flavor. They continue to be used in traditional medicine. 

Lemongrass is native to South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Lemongrass is a good source of vitamin A, C, Iron and Calcium but mainly we love its citrus aroma taking us far away from home. 

Fast Fact: Lemongrass oil can be distilled to keep mosquitos away. 

Seven Seas

Seven Seas was inspired by Paloma's love for the sea and the whimsical but at times treacherous oceans. As intrepid travelers, there is nothing like that early whiff of fresh morning air while at sea and imagining all of its bounty in the depths below. 

Seven Seas features Non GMO Pacific Wakame Seaweed, Non GMO Green Papaya and Organic Sprouted Mung Beans. 

Wakame Seaweed is a species of kelp which was used in Asia as a food source over 1700 years ago. Seaweed is a good source of fiber, antioxidants, and iodine. We love its subtly sweet but distinctive flavor. It’s also a great way to bring the flavor of the sea to your jar, cup, or bowl without putting a burden on the planet. 

Green Papaya is native to Mexico and South America and is a significant source of vitamin C and antioxidants. The hefty green papaya and the Seussian tree that it comes from is the same fruit as papaya, but it is picked earlier and not allowed to mature. 

Sprouted Mung Beans are native to India and have been cultivated since ancient times. These beans are an emerald in the rough and are one of the best plant-based sources of protein. They are also high in fiber, potassium, folate, and many other nutrients. 

Fast Fact: The Papaya Plant grows in three sexes and can self-pollinate. 

It explodes into beautiful vegetables

It's an innovative flavor that could also be a great base for many other dishes

You wouldn't expect all those vegetables to be there

Each of the Suppas contains at least 10 superfoods and provide 4-5 grams of fiber and protein per soup. We have roughly 40% less salt content than the average packaged soup but heck if you want to add some additional salt, pepper, protein, sriracha, chipotle or whatever floats your boat feel free to do so. That’s your choice.