Why can't I get Suppas outside of the USA?

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You mention in your previous blog posts that your vision is to bring nutrient dense food products to market at affordable prices. When will costs come down? 

Absolutely, our vision is to bring prices down to democratize the market and your purchase is getting us there so thanks for that. The pre-sale event and your support will help us learn and optimize the product and process.

These learnings will help us scale production, produce more Suppas and drive down costs. Paloma’s Future Fit Foods journey is like Daniella vs Goliath taking on the large linear food industry, so we are moving forward step by step.

Our goal is to get Suppas down to the $3 range per serving or we have failed. Only time will tell.

Why do you call Suppas a mini meal?

Suppas is playing in the convenience foods space. We want to meet you where you are at whether in the office, at home, on the road or outdoors. All of us when busy and in a pinch have made bad food choices that negatively impact our health. That's where we want to help and provide quick instantly fresh nutrition.

We define mini meals as a recipe that delivers 100-300 calories of high nutrient content. So, while not a full meal, Suppas will boost your fiber intake, provide a comforting and satisfying hot mini meal to get you over the hump to that next eating occasion while not compromising your health or values.

Why do you not have all the information on your suppliers?

A roadblock we ran into is that we are working through some distributors of organic ingredients that work with multiple supplier partners including farms. We have engaged with many of these partners and provided country of origin and some of their practices here https://www.getsuppas.com/pages/value-creation but we were unable to get all the information we needed from them.

As a small start-up we simply do not have all the leverage needed to get all the information we request from our larger partners, this is one of the challenges of the linear food system  created over the last four decades. However, we’re fully committed to overcoming the roadblocks, optimizing our partner network, and deliver full transparency to you overtime.  

Why are you sourcing ingredients globally?

Roughly over 85% of our Suppas ingredients (in volume) are from the US, however we still depend on the rest of the world to source the remaining 15% to bring you some of the best quality organic ingredients, fruit, and spices in your Suppas. Organic farming makes up less than 2% of US farmland so we must seek sources globally, particularly for ingredients that historically have had their roots deep in other continents. We also want to be equitable in our purchasing to benefit farmers and small holders wherever they are located.

We do prefer near sourcing, US or local sourcing where possible and that is why roughly over 85% of our ingredients today are coming from US farms. We will be adding ingredients as they become available and when we can match partner’s minimum order requirements.

Why are you not offering refunds at this time?

As an early-stage startup during these initial steps, we are not able to accept returns of Suppas. If you have any feedback, we would like to hear from you so we can improve our Suppas experience moving forward.

Simply email me at paloma@futurefitfoods.com.

How do I provide feedback on my Suppas experience?

We very much want feedback on your Suppas food experience including taste, packaging, nutritional’s, delivery or whatever floats your boat. We will use your feedback to improve the next batch. Simply e-mail me at paloma@futurefitfoods.com.

Are Suppas gluten free?

We do not use any gluten-based ingredients in our foods. We plan to seek these certifications by the end of the year. However, it is possible other gluten-based products may have been produced in our production facilities.

Are Suppas lactose free?

We do not use any lactose-based or other animal-based ingredients in our foods. We do not have the certification but plan to seek it into the future. However, it is possible that lactose-based products may have been produced in our production facilities.

Are Suppas grain free?

Theoretically yes as none of our Suppas use grains in their recipes.

Are Suppas vegan?

Yes, all of our Suppas are vegan and by default vegetarian. We plan to seek Vegan certification by the end of the year.

Why don't you have an organic, vegan, or other certifications?

We plan to seek these certifications by the end of the year as the process can take some time and we did not have the runway for this pre-sales event to do so.

If you look at the list of our ingredients, 32 of our ingredients are organic certified, 3 are ingredients that are exempt from certification and the remaining 2 are non-gmo certified.

We also do not use any gluten, lactose or grain-based ingredients in our current Suppas but as we don’t have the certifications yet, we don’t want to make any claims.

How much fiber is in Suppas?

All our Suppas provide between 4-5g of fiber which helps you close the ‘fiber gap’. While fiber is arguably the best prebiotic food that exist to keep your gut and microbiomes healthy, did you know that 95% of Americans don’t consume enough fiber? In fact, American adults eat 10-15grams of fiber per day, versus the USDA recommended amount of 25g for women and 38g for men (Harvard online 2019, ‘Should I be eating more fiber?’). So, enjoying one Suppa a day helps you close your daily fiber gap and provide your gut a healthy dose of daily prebiotic food.

Why don't you have any regenerative ingredients in your Suppas?

We would love to. As more regenerative certifications come on-line for our ingredients and are available to us we look forward to incorporating them into our recipes providing they meet quality and cost of goods requirements.

Why are there stickers on the Suppas package?

Murphy’s Law. We had a major packaging snafu just before launch. Best discussed over a drink or two or read our blog coming up on this topic.

Why are you using low salt in your Suppas?

We made Suppas for everyone to enjoy including those that are avoiding salt like some of our family members. So, we made a purposeful decision to design these soups with a lower salt profile but still deliver on flavor. It’s your choice to add salt, pepper, siracha your favorite protein or whatever floats your boat.

Why on Suppas Southern Soul do you call collard greens/ green collards on your package?

We are being playful.

Are the ReEarth pouches used by Suppas compostable?

While the individual components/materials of the S-OneLP bio-based ReEarth film we are using have passed ASTM D6400 standards for industrial or commercial composting and are BPI Certified, the final laminated packaging IS NOT currently industrial compostable as the finished packaging has not gone through the required ASTM D6400 test that would validate the final packaging’s compostability in an industrial composting facility.

Read below about how we are making it easy for you to send Suppas' pouches back to us for proper disposal.

What materials are used to make ReEarth pouches?

All of the components used in making ReEarth pouches are BPI Certified Industrial Compostable materials.

Is ReEarth made from plant-based renewable materials?

A percentage of ReEarth films are made of plant-based renewable materials, such as cellulose or other bio-based materials.

How are the materials used to make ReEarth pouches responsibly sourced?

S-OneLP has chosen suppliers that have Good Manufacturing Process certifications for food safety. The raw materials that make the ReEarth pouch construction used in Suppas plant-based soups are BPI Certified and have been selected because they allow for the quickest industrial composability.

Further, S-OneLP sources raw materials in quantities that maximize yield and minimize waste. The films are the thinnest available to still optimize compostability without sacrificing performance.   

What should I do with the used pouches?

We are trialing a new initiative, when you order Suppas online, you have an option to send the pouches back to us inside the free envelope you will receive with your order and sending them back to us to Future Fit Foods LLC, PO Box 1229, Longmont, CO 80501. We will take care of properly disposing them. 

Can I home compost ReEarth pouches?

Do not compost Suppas packaging at home. It is recommended to return the pouch in the envelope Suppas provided with your order. It is not recommended to mix compostable materials with curbside recycling. If the waste stream is mixed, the recyclable materials could be considered contaminated, and some or all of it would end up in landfill. As a last resort, the waste bin is preferred.

What happens if I put ReEarth pouches in the recycling bin?

In the best-case scenario, both the recyclable materials and ReEarth pouches will get sorted, with the ReEarth ending up at landfill and other items being recycled. Worst case scenario, the recyclable products will be deemed contaminated by the compostable materials and both will end up in landfill. Please mail them back flat, inside the free envelope provided, to Future Fit Foods LLC, PO Box 1229, Longmont, CO 80501. We will take care of properly disposing them. 

What happens if I put ReEarth pouches in the waste bin? Will they compost over time?

The waste bin is our last resort. The ReEarth pouches are made from Earth-digestible materials, so it will eventually compost over time in non-commercial conditions. However, it’s hard to say how long it would take to fully break down as that depends on heat, air, and other conditions inside the bin. Please mail the pouches back to us flat, inside the free envelope provided, to Future Fit Foods LLC, PO Box 1229, Longmont, CO 80501. We will take care of properly disposing them.