Suppas' Impact

Future Fit Foods Sourcing for Change   


Suppas is committed to driving transparency about where we source our ingredients and tell ingredient stories. 

As a small start-up company, this is no easy task. We currently source ingredients from eighteen distinct partners representing thirty-seven unique ingredients. The industry thought we had gone mad as not only did we want to bring you quality organic ingredients and non-GMO ingredients, but are equally committed to sourcing ingredients from partners that create both positive social and environmental impact one step at a time.

We believe that at Future Fit Foods, we have an important role to play right from the design stage of our food in creating more value than we destroy in our value chain. We have reached to all of our partners to confirm Suppas' ingredient origins and capture stories about farming practices.

Cooking for change   


We are hands-on at Suppas and took an active role in cooking at scale our first line of Suppas at scale, peeling, dicing, and slicing the best fresh Organic and Non-GMO ingredients to make our Suppas. 

The Suppas you will enjoy have already been fully cooked to ensure that the broth, flavors, and spices have married through a slow cooking process with other ingredients to ensure a great taste experience. 

We partnered with the University of Nebraska's Food Innovation Center, working with food scientists, chefs, and students to bring a safe, shelf stable, tasty and instafresh experience to your table, desk, backpack or anywhere you are and meeting you where you’re at. The team that prepared these for you are culinary graduates but also students getting valuable hands-on experience and being paid a living wage of $15 per hour. 

Future Fit Foods Packaging for Change 


We have already learned the Sisyphean task of creating more value than we destroy in packing our Suppas and getting them to you. 

We went through a long learning process that is a unique challenge for food as we need to ensure food safety requirements are met and that the product will perform in your cupboard, desk or pack and ensure that we don’t contribute to food waste if the product is not stable.

The packaging is made of industrial compostable materials, and we are providing free envelopes for you to send them back to us for proper disposal. We are also working with Repack to rent reusable and returnable packaging and replace our current recyclable. We are waiting for them to replenish their material stocks and hopefully able to offer this option to all of you in our next sales cycle. 

Finally, rather than shipping water around like most packaged soups, our product is designed to be lightweight not only for you but also for the planet.


Dignify Humanity - Through our purchasing choices and the respect and human wellbeing that we promote within our value chain from farmers to workers to customers. 

Reconnect us to who we are as humans - Through the food experience and the human stories behind the foods, committing to high transparency, baking in diversity into our teams, and showing our gratitude for the food journey and the people involved. 

Support Healthy People - Through real foods that are packed with nutrients, made with natural, organic, non-GMO, and understandable plant-based ingredients. And by building a portfolio of foods that celebrate ingredient diversity and culturally-relevant foods overtime.
Create circles of goodness within planetary boundaries - Embracing organic - and progressively regenerative - approaches into how we grow, source, make, package and deliver our foods. Aiming to design out waste where possible. Exploring and piloting next-generation reusable and compostable circular packaging.