Welcome to the Reusable Packaging Revolution

At Future Fit Foods we believe that people deserve better packaging solutions and alternatives to single use packaging. This is why we have partnered with RePack, to make it SUPPA easy for you to use & reuse, over and over, and over again your SUPPAS shipping packaging. 


RePack reusable envelopes save up to 80% CO2 and removes packaging trash. Yes, that's not a typo an 80% CO2 reduction on average. On top of that, when you opt into using RePack at checkout, you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase ... so everyone wins.

We're SUPPA proud to be the first US food company to offer our customers RePack reusable packaging. We want to use our SUPPAS plant-based soups to create more good than bad and don't want to be a part of the linear packaging system that creates more waste.

During the pandemic and post-holiday season, many of us took more notice and are just plain fed up with the excessive packaging that arrives on our doorstep like boxes, envelopes, and other assorted packs. 

These materials often then end up in our homes and likely in the recycling bin -if they are recyclable and if your community provides recycling options. Otherwise, they go into landfill. But with RePack and your help, we can create infinite loops of goodness and say goodbye to single-use shipping packaging together.

How does it work? 

When you make your next SUPPAS order, you will be prompted at checkout to choose RePack for a nominal fee of $3.

We will then send your plant-based, nutrient-packed and tasty SUPPAS to your door using a RePack envelope.

Place your empty SUPPA pouches -made from industrial compostable materials- inside the RePack envelope, close it, and simply send it back to us.

We will then sanitize the RePack and reuse it to send you more SUPPAS while responsibly disposing of the SUPPAS pouches made with industrial compostable materials. 

After we receive your SUPPA RePack envelope back, you will automatically receive a 10% off your next order. With SUPPAS RePack, everyone wins, and it feels great not to be part of the system that creates more packaging waste.

How do I send the RePack reusable envelope back to Future Fit Foods? 

1. Insert your empty SUPPA pouches - made from industrial compostable materials- inside your empty RePack envelope.
2. Fold your envelope, making sure your return flap with the Future Fit Foods Business Reply Mail label is showing. Use the velcro on the sides to close the envelope.

3. Place the envelope in your closest mailbox and it will soon arrive our Future Fit Foods Mothership to be sanitized and reuse again.

4. Congratulations, you are now part of the circular economy, actively eliminating packaging waste with your actions and a part of the packaging reuse revolution.